Authentic Khmer Cuisine

Colonial House Restaurant

We invite you to discover the delights on offer at the Colonial House Restaurant, home of authentic Khmer cuisine in sophisticated surroundings. The culinary team in the Colonial House kitchen are delighted to introduce you to the subtle balance of flavors the traditional art of Cambodian cooking has to offer. We invite you to join us on a culinary journey to experience the unique taste of Cambodia.

Sandwiched beyond the culinary giants of Thailand and Vietnam, it should come as no surprise that Cambodian cooking has many mouthwatering moments all of its own. We are dedicated to preserving authentic cooking methods, ingredients and presentation, as passed down from generation to generation. We are proud of our quality ingredients, which are exclusively fresh, organic and locally sourced. We can adapt our dishes to your liking and also offer a variety of set menus, international favourites, snacks and specialties from our grill.

Traditional Appetizers

Our Selection of iconic Cambodian Starters perfect to share with friends and to begin your meal with a mouthwatering Khmer classic

Colonial’s Deep Fried Spring Rolls

Your choice of pork or vegetarian spring rolls carefully deep fried with finest ingredients in crispy golden brown rice wrap, Served with sweet chili dip.

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Calamari “a la Sihanoukville”

Fresh Squid from Cambodia's south coast, Battered in crispy golden brown rice, coating with sesame seeds, Served with lemon pepper dip

Fish Cake with Khmer Spice

Fish from the “Great Lake”, combined with traditional Khmer spices to be created in Khmer style fish patties, Served with vegetable pickle.

Colonial’s Fresh Khmer Hand Rolls

Khmer Noodle, Cucumber, Carrot, Local Lettuce, Long Bean,Bean sprout, Fresh Khmer Herbs served with Nock man sauce

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Ravana´s Crispy Tiger Prawns

Juicy Tiger Prawns, gently deep-fried until crispy, Herbal battering, Served with plume sauce

Grilled Khmer Beef Rolls

Grill Marinated Local beef tenderloin with Khmer Spices, Ginger, Spring Onion, Lemongrass, Papaya Pickle.

Classic Khmer Salads

Colonial’s choice of Traditional Salads; our delicious selection, of Khmer specialties. All products are fresh, light, local and organic.

Banana Blossom Salad

Fresh local banana blossoms, mixed with fine sliced chicken breast, basil and Sweet & Sour Sauce

Shrimp and Grapefruit Salad

Juicy fresh grapefruit mixed with shrimps, onion, shallots, garlic, lime juice and our secret combination of spices, giving this classic dish a distinct sour touch

Green Mango with Smoked Fish Salad

Green mango from Siem Reap Province, combined with smoked Tonle Sap Fish, roasted peanuts, fresh basil, garlic and dried shrimp sauce

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Traditional Fish Salad

Fresh Tonle Sap River Fish, mixed with bean sprouts, lemongrass, long bean local herbs. Served in our zesty lime dressing

Green Papaya Salad

Our Chef's interpretation of a favorite; grated local papaya combined with herbs and red chili; please advise your waiter if you like it extra fiery.

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Classic Grilled Khmer Beef Salad

Red and Green bell pepper, Shallot, Garlic, Julienne Mixed Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Khmer Herbs

Please advise our service team if you prefer vegetarian varieties, we can gladly adapt dishes to your liking

From Colonial’s Steaming Soup Kettle
Traditional Khmer Lemongrass Soup

A Cambodian classic! Your choice of fresh chicken or fish, in a delicate lemongrass, onion, kaffir lime leaves and lime juice

Mekong Lobster Soup

Fresh Mekong Lobster served in a delicate soup with shallots, onion, lime juice, mushroom and herbs.

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Traditional khmer soup with cat fish and seasonal organic vegetables cooked to our authentic recipe

Khmer Traditional Tom Yum Soup

The local version of this regional favorite is distinctly Milder than in Thailand, focusing on a subtle balance of flavors, topped off with fresh Tiger Prawns traditional herbs and topped with fresh coriander

Classic Coconut Milk Soup

Your selection of chicken, pork ribs to perfection, creating a pleasing harmony of sweet and sour flavors

Fisherman´s Soup

Fresh fish and crab meat in a delicate blend of coconut, onion, green peas, Shitake mushrooms and fresh coriander

Colonial’s Spicy Chicken Soup

An invigorating spicy green curry paste, pumpkin, onion, eggplant, long bean and fresh basil

You can also enjoy your Soup in traditional Khmer fashion, as a complete dish served with a large helping of steamed, flavored rice.

Main Dishes

Here you will find some of the most popular Cambodian dishes, prepared in adoration and respect of traditional recipes

Our Chef Sokpheak´s Recommendations

Colonial’s Fish Amok

Our Amok is renowned to be amongst Siem Reap´s finest; prepared to a family recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. The coconut based national dish is tenderly slow cooked, with a lot of love. Presented to you in a traditional banana leaf basket

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Traditional Beef Loc Lac

Cube of local beef tenderloin, crispy jams, taro, ginger and served with a classic lime pepper sauce that accompanies many dishes

Original Tonle Sap Fish Stew

Freshly caught fish from the “Great Lake”, slowly stewed in a delicate blend of coconut milk, organic vegetables and carefully selected herbs. Our stew is served in traditional manner, presented in a clay pot

Classic Khmer Chicken Curry

Popular throughout the Kingdom, our curry is distinct from its counterparts from neighboring countries; Mild and subtle in it’s balancing of flavors; fresh chicken, potato, carrots, long bean, onion and starnish.

Colonial’s Khmer Spiced

With choice beef or pork, stir fried with a carefully including yellow kroueng, onion, green bean, capsicum and hot basil. Our signature sauce adds distinct flavor, without sacrificing the dishes´ authenticity

Main Dishes are served with steamed jasmine rice

Fresh Catches from the Great Lake and Cambodia’s Southern Provinces
Crab Curry a la Kep

A southern delicacy – fresh salt water crab from the fishing village of “Kep”, served in a mild yellow curry sauce with coconut and ginger flavors

Tiger Prawn Skewers

Juicy Tiger Prawns grilled served with capsicum, Shitake mushrooms, baby corn and Tamarind Sauce

Slow Cook Prahok in Coconut Milk

“Prahok” is a fermented fish paste, widely used in Cambodian cuisine. Best suited to open minded guests; the strong, unique flavor and smell might take some getting used to!

Pepper Squid “Kampot Style”

Finest squid from our southern shores, stir fried with the unique spice of Kampot pepper corns, widely recognized to be amongst the world´s finest varieties

Pan Fried Fish Fillet

With green mangoes pickle and sautéed vegetables

Colonial’s Hearty Beef Curry

Local beef tenderloin served with fresh carrots, potatoes, long bean, onion and spices. A mild curry; can be adjusted to your liking, if you’re taste is of the more fiery type!

Main Courses are served with steamed jasmine rice

Our Selection of International Favorites Soups and Salads
Chef´s Salad

Fresh lettuce, boiled eggs, potatoes and olives

Classic Caesar´s Salad

Fresh lettuce, anchovies, parmesan, crispy bacon is served with chicken breast and Caesar´s dressing

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Salad Nicoise

Tuna in oil served with potatoes, cherry tomato, green peas, and Black Olives, served with homemade Vinaigrette dressing

Fresh Apple & Pumpkin Soup

Delicious Alaya signature dish served with Crunchy garlic croutons

Crème of Potato and Fennel

Hearty Soup cooked with lots of love. Served with Garlic bread.

Meat Lovers Corner

Stuffed Local Beef Tenderloin

Grilled to your liking and served with parmesan cheese, Yam gnocchi and green asparagus & your choice of Garlic sauce, mushroom, Port wine sauce

Succulent Grilled Chicken Breast

Served with mashed pumpkin, green asparagus, Tomatoes, Candy and white wine sauce.

Create your own Pasta Or Spaghetti

Your choice of spaghetti or penne, served with parmesan Cheese and your choice of sauce: Bolognese, Carbonara or Marinara, spinach and red bell pepper rolls with anchovies, Candy and white wine sauce.

Tender Pork Chop a la Alaya

Served with seasonal organic vegetables and BBQ sauce parmesan

Pan-Fried Fish Fillet Hollandaise

Served in classic Hollandaise sauce with crash potatoes, spinach and red bell pepper rolls with anchovies Candy and white wine sauce.

Selected Desserts

Whether or not you are a real “Sweet Tooth”. You are sure to find something suitable

Koulen Mountain Delight

Banana, Pumpkin or Taro cooked in coconut milk

Fresh Tropical Fruit Plate

From our local seasonal fresh fruits.

Khmer Banana Flambé

A local best banana at Koulen Mountain sauté in Rum alcohol served Vanilla ice-cream

Apple in butter scot sauce

Wedges apple marinated in butter scot sauce to filled Alaya homemade crêpe served with coffee ice cream.

Scoop of Ice Cream

A scoop of your choice; please ask our service Team for our available flavors

Crêpe Vanilla

Vanilla ice cream wrapped with our homemade Crêpe Served with chocolate sauce to garnish roasted Sliced almond accompany with fruit soup.

Homemade Chocolate Crêpes

French crêpe in house with Chocolate Ice-cream.

Cambodian lime tart

From our the best lime make to be lime Cream put on our crispy tart base served With passion ice cream and seasonal fruit.

Colonial’s Banana Split

Fresh Banana, served with a trio of ice creams, Whipped cream and rich chocolate sauce

Trio of Ice Cream

Your selection of 3 scoops in any combination Of flavors; please ask our service staff

We also offer a fine selection of liqueur coffees, digestives and Cognac, if you would like to enjoy a post-dinner drink

Colonial’s Vegetarian Delights

We suggest that our vegetarian guests sample our meat-free variations of must-try classics, such as Amok or Khmer Curry first

Veggie and Oyster Sauce Stir Fry

Mixed vegetable stir-fry with oyster sauce

Bai Char Bunlai

Traditional Khmer fried rice with mixed Vegetables

Vegetarian Curry

Traditional Khmer fried rice with mixed Vegetables

Wok Fried Kale Or Morning Glorie

With garlic and oyster sauce

Fried Tofu and Veggie Skewer

Fried fresh vegetables, tofu and sesame soy dip

Vegetable Tempura

Deep fried mixed vegetables in battering, served with tomato sauce

Handpicked Rice And Noodle Specialties

Our light choices; ideal as a shared accompaniment or quick mea

“Bai Char” (Khmer Fried Rice)

Served with your choice of Beef, Chicken or Pork combined with crunchy, fresh veggies.

“Mie Char” (Khmer Fried Noodles)

Cambodian style fried yellow or flat noodles, served with your choice of local meats. if you prefer, we can also prepare this in its purely vegetarian version

Colonial’s Curry Fried Rice

Our popular specialty special; Fried Rice mixed with tender chicken Strips, crisp vegetables. Mild curry flavors are balanced with local herbs and spices

All Rice and Noodle Dishes are served with soya and chili sauce

Fresh Off Our Sizzling Grill

Pick and Match your favorite meat or seafood with our prime selection of accompaniments and sauces

Fresh meat from and poultry from local farms

Beef Tenderloin

Mixed Vegetable & Grilled Beef Skewer

Pork Chop

Tender Chicken Breast

Served with your choice of Homemade BBQ, Pepper, Béarnaise or Red Wine Sauce

Fisherman’s Delicious Catches

Fresh Fish Fillet

Mekong Calamari

Fish and Mixed Vegetable Skewer

Juicy Tiger Prawn Skewer

Served with your choice of Garlic Butter, Hollandaise or Red Wine Sauce

All grilled specialties are served with fresh Oriental Salad, and your choice of accompaniment Stir fried vegetables, Jasmine rice or Sautée Potatoes

A warm welcome to Colonial Restaurant, Home of authentic Khmer cuisine and friendly service!

We are delighted to introduce you to the subtle balance of flavors the traditional art of Cambodian cooking has to offer. We invite you to join us on a culinary journey to experience the unique taste of our “Kingdom of Wonders”. We are dedicated to preserving authentic cooking methods, ingredients and presentation, as past down from generation to generation. We are proud of our quality ingredients, which are exclusively fresh, organic and locally sourced. There are no artificial flavorings or MSG in our 100% natural dishes. We can adapt our dishes to your liking and also offer a variety of Set Menus, International Delicacies, Snacks and Specialties from our Grill.

Please Enjoy Your Meal!